We invite you to join us in the ROCK YOUR SOCKS for #elizakakes & Friends Virtual fun run/walk March 17-26, 2017. PLEASE NOTE THE DATE CHANGES, now extended through Sunday, March 26th, due to weather in the MidWest and NorthEast. Rock Your Socks is a fundraising activity to help raise awareness and celebrate World Down Syndrome Day (3.21.17) as well as funds to support 3 excellent Down Syndrome Charities. 
During the week of March 17-26, run or walk 3.21 miles (just over a 5k) as part of the ROCK YOUR SOCKS for #elizakakes & Friends Virtual fun run/walk. Because it is "virtual" just about anyone can participate from anywhere in the world. To register use the "REGISTRATION" link on the website. For those in the Lancaster, PA area, we will have a fun run/walk on Sunday, March 26th. Registration is only $32.10 per person ($21 per participant with Trisomy 21 or child under age 18) and all registered participants receive a custom designed ROCK YOUR SOCKS medal and ribbon!!! Participants are also eligible to win fun prizes and awards!

People of all skill levels can participate because YOU pick:
                the day,
   ​                 time of day,
​                        pace,
                             and location
to run/walk that best fits your schedule and ability.

It can be a run/walk at the health club or school track, at your local mall, on your favorite running path or trail, or even a walk or run on the treadmill. You decide what is best for you! How about doing 3.21 miles starting at 3:21 pm and doing it in 32:10 (32 minutes, 10 seconds) on 3.21.17? (Check the "About Us" tab to find out the significance of 3.21.) All we ask is that you wear a pair of CRAZY LOOKING SOCKS while you complete the event - the crazier the better!!!  And even if you don't register for the event, remember to wear a pair of crazy socks on 3.21 to bring awareness to the Down Syndrome community!
It promises to be a fun event with a great, custom designed medal to all participants, some fun prizes and awards, and above all a way to physically challenge yourself while raising funds for a great cause - Down Syndrome awareness, research, support and inclusion!!
Proceeds will go toward 3 very worthy Down Syndrome organizations:
 Gigi's Playhouse, Lancaster, PA,
Schreiber Pediatric Rehab Center,
Global Down Syndrome Foundation.
So put your crazy socks on and join us as we ROCK OUR SOCKS for #elizakakes & Friends!!!!
Thanks to all of our Rock Your Socks for #elizakakes & Friends Sponsors:
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